International Law, Public and Private
EISENMANN ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES provides legal advice and practical knowhow in all matters related to the compex legal interaction between the laws of Nations, Corporations and Individuals, pursuant to the internal laws of each country and the protocols, coventants, multi- and bilateral agreements applicable, the by-laws of international organizations and free trade or cooperation agreements, amongst others.

Family Law
Domestic and internationa adoptios of children of either sex, child custody under the applicable Family Laws and International Protocols, prenuptial agreements, divorces, private trusts and trust funds. This area of the law goes hand in hand with Estate Planning.

Administrative Law
We undertake the expedient handling, in the name and on behalf of our clients, of all paperwork before public officials, ministries and institutions, from Central Government dependencies to autonomous, peripheral government departments and offices.

Tax Law
We provide the knowhow necessary to establish operations in Panama and benefit from available tax and business opportunities and incentives according to the structure of their assets and investment portfolios.

Corporate and Business Law
EISENMANN ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES provides across-the-board advice for all its customers’ business transactions in the country, aiding in negotiation and drafting agreements, whether local or international.

Our ample, hands-on experience allows us to offer services and advice as well as drafting and execution of legal and commercial instruments specific to the precise needs of our clients relating to:

  • Sale agreements for real estate; securities and other personal property,
  • Agency and distribution contracts
  • Commercial proxies
  • Mortgages and commercial pledges
  • Trusts
  • Private Interest Foundations

We consider each client’s specific needs, corporate structure and requirements, and the manner in which the Constitution, legal codes and special laws of Panama and its laws may be most useful for the clients’ purposes. We advise and service our clients in these areas:

  • Articles of Incorporation and by-laws,
  • Corporate Finances,
  • Joint Ventures,
  • Mergers and Aquisitions,
  • Shareholders’ and Board of Directors meeting minutes,
  • Shareholders’ Agreements,
  • Organization of offshore corporations, management, opening bank accounts, amongst others

- Opening Virgin Island, Bahamas and other offshore corporations, etc.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights:
Our experience in this field includes drafting and registration of patents at the office of the Director General of Intellectual Property and Patents: patents, industrial design, royalties, logos, slogans and brand names. We place our expertise at the disposal of international corporations and individuals who desire to protect their intellectual property and rights across a wide range of products and services: from artistic copyrights to trade secrets and patents within the fields of chemistry, mechanics, trnasportation, sciece, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, design and telecommunications. We also advise and protect the intellectual interests of our clients by drafting agreements for the assignment, transfer and licensing of rights to third parties, technology transfers, alliances and joint ventures for sales and marketing, both within our borders and without, in collaboration with the most prestigious legal advisors in each specialty.

Protection of copyrights, trade secrets and patents whether in a civil or penal court, domestic or international, after a breach or within a preventive context, in the case of possible breach or violation.

Air and Maritime Law
Vessel Registration, Chartering and Leasing, Mortgages Foreign Investment, Immigration and Naturalization Panama is presently the Latin American country with the highest growth index. An expanding economy, the recent approval of the Panama Canal expansion all point to a booming economy with great investment and trade possibilities; at the same time, a stable dollar economy, the comforts of a major city and the tropical weather –free of hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes—make it an extremely attractive option for Americans and Europeans desirious of a gentler, more comfortable lifestyle, even on a low fixed income. See Visa Listings.

Estate Planning, Management and Consulting for Personal Affairs
One of the specialties of our team of attorneys and specialists in related fields is the holistic planification of the high net value pesonal assets and property of individuals or families; guided by our knowledge of the Panamanian legal system, we provide advice on the legal possibilities at our clients’ disposal under a particular situation; we take care of handling, lanning and optimal performance of the financial portfolios, assets and real estate, tax efficacy and other, diverse needs of our clients, as well as tailor-made estte planning and the organization of trusts and foundations for families.

  • Trusts
  • Private interest foundations
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies

Customs and Taxes
Subject to Panama’s constitutional and statutory legal framework, we provide creative and practical solutions for your specific needs and release you from the cumbersome customs and tax procedures which residential or corporate relocation generally entails. No detail is too large or too small. We have ample experience in all transnational and domestic aspects of your fiscal contributions.