At the end of 2006, the Panamanian economy had grown upwards of 7% for the third year in a row. The present real estate boom (which at this time include megaprojects for trade, tourism and residential facilities underwritten by world-class names such as Philippe Starck and Donald Trump) reflects the Panamanian phenomenon at the beginning of the third millenium: The stability of the banking center as well as other aspects such as personal and financial safety, the real estate market, touristic appeal for different demographics, encased within Panamanian laws amenable to foreign investment in Panama. The major economic activity which goes hand in hand with the expansion of the Panama Canal and other megaprojects, make our country an ideal place in which to set up transnational corporations and representative offices from which to manage their business operations.
In the hospitality and tourism fields, we offer a wide range of services including but not limited to organizing and registering operations and filing for tax benefits according to the activities in which our clients intend to engage, based on the provisions of Law No. 8 of 14 June, 1994, and its amendments.
International organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, PNMA, amongst others, have also found Panama to be the perfect place in which to set up their regional headquarters thanks to the our modern telecommunications facilities and international connections available in Panama which facilitate business transactions and handling the operations of international organizations from Panama.