EISENMANN ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES, Attorneys at Law, provides a full range of integral services to individuals and corporations, from and within Panama. We are able to achieve this through a select network of domestic and international contacts and consultants.
The firm, organized in 2002 as a group of lawyers and consultants with ample experience in government and private law practice, supplies consultancy services in Foreign Investment and different aspects of the law in diverse fields such as International, Business, Labor, Maritime, Corporate or Technology, strongly rooted on ethical principles, in order to carry out our functions within a wide interdisciplinary spectrum.

Our law practice has been structured so as to best serve our clients’ personal and corporate needs in a practical, efficient and expedient fashion, thus providing custom tailored attention with the utmost discretion. Our team of consultans offers advice on diverse issues, whether they be related to problems of a domestic nature or in need of specialised mediation in complex, multilateral matters of a highly sensitive nature, so as to maximise our customers’ interests and profits in all matters pertaining to sale and purchase agreements, leases, franchises, personal and real guarantees, technology, industrial and intelectual property, negotiable instruments and securities and the organization of offshore corporations and private interest foundations.

At EISENMANN ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES we become your de facto support system when setting up a presence in the Republic of Panama.